About DustIIDesign

Dust is a variety and creative broadcaster. He is one of TRUgamingLLC’s TRUAmbassadors & Sponsored Streamer. He streams almost all of his design work and play video games (anything the TRUfam is) with his best of friends! He started streaming to Twitch back in 2015 from his Playstation 4 playing Destiny. Dust decided to stream full time at the beginning of this year because it is truly a passion of his to not only grow his own community but also help other broadcasters learn what streaming is all about by helping them create and build their brand with his graphics. If you are interested in learning anything in Photoshop or how to create your very own graphics check out his creative streams usually found in the mornings of his stream days. If you want to just hang out and witness absolute shenanigans, you can check out his streams any other time! Dust’s stream schedule is Monday – Wednesday & Friday 8:30 am – 10:30 am (for creative) 10:30 am – 2 pm (for gaming) EST! Check out www.dustiidesign.com to see all of Dust’s creative work as well as to submit a design request!

Live Stream