About GoGetterGreg

Hello everyone!

I am GoGetterGreg, or simply Greg! I have been streaming for just a few months, but no stranger to gaming or the community. I am a huge Star Wars nerd and even cosplay as a Clone Trooper from the animated Star Wars show, The Clone Wars. That’s where most of my following has come from, as I have a decent following on Instagram for my Star Wars content.

I am a US Navy Veteran, Hospital Corpsman, with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, majoring in Game Design, and currently work in Human Resources for my local government. Yes I am aware none of that really goes together :laughing: I like to just think I’m well rounded!

I am so excited to start this journey alongside other TRU Partners, meet new people, and just have fun doing what we all enjoy! Thank you all for having me ❤️

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  • Monday: 12pm (Noon) PST
  • Rest of the week is currently TBD based on work and personal life. Extra dates will be announced in the Discord group!

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