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I’m a new Dad. My son was born in Oct of 2017. My wife and I are absolutely STOKED to be parents. Im from the greater Detroit area, and VERY proud. Feel free to ask me about any thing you’d like to know about the city and if its true or not.

I began the hobby back when i was about 13 or 14. I’d venture to guess circa 1996-1997ish… i wasn’t very good at painting, and we didn’t really know the rules to the game, so we just made them up. When i was about 19 or so and in college, i sold both of my armies. (necrons and space marines) fast forward about 15-16 years to August of 17, I attended my first GENCON and fell in love all over again. I bought the Dark Imperium box set, and the rest of my 2000pts worth of Death Guard and here i am today… SLOWLY but steadily painting them.

I will at times be doing terrain streams and D&D minis as well as work with Gundam. Keep an eye out for that.

Other things Duff enjoys:
I’ve been a rep for a ton of different craft breweries and wineries… I’ve also been home brewing for about 9 years and i grow hops in my back yard. I love to talk beer.

I am a member of the PDGA, and i play a lot of Disc Golf.

I LOVE metallica… they are god to me… i also really enjoy heavy music.

I’m also very into the great outdoors, as most people from michigan are.

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