About MeeMawTheGeekyGranny

Hello my Moon Pies, it’s your MeeMaw!
MeeMaw on Twitch? You betcha!
Stop in, say Hi, and get a hug!
Yes, I really am a granny to the best grandson in the world.
We are a positive, fun-loving and inclusive variety gaming community.

I love playing the character on the stream because it’s fun and challenging. I liken it to playing a game, while playing a game. The program I use is called Facerig, available on Steam. I decided on the cat avatar because at the time I was creating You Tube videos playing Ark Survival Evolved. I customized the cat to appear like a jerboa, which is a small shoulder pet in the game. Since then it has evolved a bit, and I am just a kitty who loves playing with a mouse. Get it… mouse, computer mouse… I slay me.


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