KhalysiTV Sponsored Streamer on Twitch

Meet KhalysiTV! KhalysiTV (Khalysi) is mostly an FPS streamer focused on shooting stuff, and having fun while doing it. Some examples of the games you might seen her play are Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, Islands of Nyne, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Battlefield Series, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and more! The biggest thing she is looking forward... [Read More]



Meet Pimz! Pimz is a variety streamer that specializes in RPGs and Shooters. Whether it’s felling beasts in Witcher 3 or Blood Borne, or getting shot by teammates in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds, ThePimz provides a professional and welcoming stream where everyone is invited to kick back, relax, and enjoy the shenanigans. Not limited by platform, his library... [Read More]


mshoboslayer - TRUgaming Sponsored Streamer

Meet mshoboslayer! Amy (mshoboslayer) is a casual gamer with a huge passion for streaming and making new friends with her community. She loves a huge variety of games inclduing Minecraft, the Final Fantasy series, CSGO, 7 Days to Die, and many others. Amy is mainly a PC gamer, but also streams occasionally on Xbox One, PS4, and... [Read More]


Whiteshadow Interview

Meet Whiteshadow! Whiteshadow_001 is a passionate streamer. He loves the community like it’s his own family. His stream is a place for anyone from any walk of life to come and hang out, laugh, chill, and to play some fun video games. Some of his favorite games are Destiny, Halo, Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds, Devil May... [Read More]



About Velokk Velokk is a very energetic streamer. His channel is a great place for anyone who wants a laugh or just relax and hangout with friends. He focuses on being very interactive with his community. Velokk is an Army veteran who loves all types of game genres. He streams mostly shooters and anything action... [Read More]


theexcellentcouple TRUgaming sponsored streamer

About TheExcellentCouple Dana and John are a couple who fell in love over passion for all things nerdy. From video games to manga and anime, if it’s pop culture, they’re probably into it. What began as a small variety stream has evolved into mainly Square Enix titles, focusing on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. In... [Read More]


itzz_paladin TRUgaming sponsored streamer

About ItzZ_Paladin Joining the TRUteam in the second round of Sponsorships, Paladin brings a variety of games to the table. From shooters like Call of Duty, Battlefield and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds; to MMORPG and Survival games like World of Warcraft and Ark: Survival Evolved, Paladin enjoys them all! He started streaming full time early January of... [Read More]


DustIIDesign Sponsored Streamer

About DustIIDesign Dust is a variety and creative broadcaster. He is one of TRUgamingLLC’s TRUAmbassadors & Sponsored Streamer. He streams almost all of his design work and play video games (anything the TRUfam is) with his best of friends! He started streaming to Twitch back in 2015 from his Playstation 4 playing Destiny. Dust decided... [Read More]


dirty_german TRUgaming sponsored streamer

About Dirty_german John “dirty_german” Richmond is a unique name and the stream is no different. DG has been playing computer games for over 16 years and has played at some of the top competitive levels back in his heydays. He was most know through Call of Duty 2 and again through the beginning of COD4.... [Read More]


det0xgaming TRUgaming sponsored streamer

About Det0xgaming Det0x Gaming has been around for going on 11 years this summer. We are a large streaming community streaming multiple different games! We stream a wide variety of games including PUBG, League of Legends, Overwatch and everything inbetween. We have a good following on our Twitter of 5000+ and Discord of 175+ and... [Read More]

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