Meet ShadyPyro!

ShadyPyro “Shady”  is a variety potat – sorry, streamer.

He can be spotted in the wild playing games of any genre on PC and Xbox. Shady is always there for his viewers, and enjoys talking to everyone. He’s also an expert on all things audio for the TRUfam, and is especially talented at helping others with Voiceemeter applications. In a number of the last TRUgaming stream-a-thons, Shady volunteered to fill in schedule gaps so that the stream could keep running smoothly. He’s a real MVP! If you’re looking for a laid-back streamer who is dedicated to both viewers and special events/charities, you’ve come to the right place!

Shady also often co-streams along his fellow Sponsored Streamer Pimz, as well as ILxDOTTORE, the TRUgaming Full-Time Streamer.


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  • Mon: 9PM-1AM
  • Tues: 10PM-1AM
  • Wed: 10PM-1AM
  • Thurs: 9PM-1AM
  • Fri: 10PM-?AM
  • Sat: 10PM-?AM
  • Sun: Offline


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