About TheDwarrowScholar

❔ What’s My Name — Roy – AKA “The Dwarrow Scholar”
❔ Where Am I — Belgium (CET)
❔ What Do I Stream — Dwarves
❔ Dwarves!? — YEP! The most magnificent of all fantasy races! Baruk Khazâd! Look no further for dwarf related games.
❔ What Do I Do — Apart from the office job, I’m a husband and dad, I’ve got a site about dwarves; I teach Dwarvish, I support fans and companies – such as SSG and Wyrmwood Gaming – to make their content dwarf-lore-friendly or to aid with dwarvish translations, etc…
❔ What else — You can find me in LoTRO as an NPC called Rói in Erebor’s Scholar’s Abode and in LoTRO’s credits.


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