1.   Choose a Game or Niche

Whether you love sports games or you’re all about survival games, it’s best to focus on one niche or even one game on your channel. You’re much more likely to find your audience if they know what to expect when they watch your stream. Try to choose a game or niche that isn’t already saturated. For example, standing out as a Battle Royale streamer is really difficult right now.


2.   Find What Makes You Unique

Along with finding your niche, you’ll want to find what makes you unique. Whether that’s being exceptionally funny, wearing a mask while you stream, playing alongside your dog, or something else entirely, you want to be memorable. Whatever you choose, just be authentic. People can tell when you’re putting on an act and it can alienate a lot of watchers.


3.   Be Ready to Work

This is one of the most important tips for becoming a Twitch streamer because one of the biggest misconceptions about streaming is that it’s easy. You just play video games, right? Wrong! Becoming a successful streamer takes a huge amount of work and dedication. From streaming consistently (our next tip) to putting out great content every time you stream, there is a lot more work involved than sitting down with a game and a camera.


4.   Stick to a Schedule

Like successful YouTubers, top Twitch streamers know the importance of being consistent and sticking to a schedule. Keeping a schedule gives you a sense of structure and lets viewers know when you will be streaming. People are more likely to come back if they know when they can watch you. If you’re juggling school or work and streaming, start small with a few days a week at a certain time.


5.   Build a Community

Most Twitch streamers will tell you that their community, the people that watch their streams, are the reason for their success. Without a community, it will be that much harder to grow your channel. Build your community by regularly interacting with your viewers and followers. Be genuine, remember their names, talk to them, and they’ll probably bring a few friends with them next time!


6.   Collaborate With Other Streamers

One of the best tips for becoming a Twitch streamer and a great way to grow your channel is collaborating with other streamers. In addition to getting to know another streamer and gaming with someone else for a while, collaborating gives you the opportunity to introduce your channel to each other’s audiences.


7.   Get Comfortable with Promoting Yourself

This is one of the most basic tips for becoming a Twitch streamer. Promotion is key when starting your channel and getting your name out there! Start by inviting friends and family to watch your streams if they can. Just a few viewers can signal to other viewers that you’re worth watching. And of course, social media is a must when promoting your channel. Discord, YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram are the most effective networks to promote yourself on. Try each and figure out which one works best for your channel.


8.   Get Good at Time Management

This is especially important if you’re juggling work, school, home life, and streaming. Find the time you’re most productive and use this time to plan your streams and create content such as videos or social posts. Productivity tip: use small pockets of time throughout your day to network, answer emails, post on social, or interact with your Discord community. You’ll be surprised at what you can do in these short amounts of time!


9.  Be Patient

No one wants to hear this tip for becoming a Twitch streamer. It’s easy to look at top streamers like Ninja or TimTheTatMan and think that their success came overnight. It didn’t. When you set out to become a Twitch streamer, it’s important to know that success won’t be immediate. Becoming a top streamer takes time, patience, and hard work. Stick with it and you’ll see your following grow.


10.   Just Get Started

There are tons of articles and videos that tell you that you need a ton of expensive equipment to start streaming, that you need a detailed plan before you start, or that to be successful, you have to stream 6-8 hours a day every single day. While expensive equipment and a detailed plan are nice and full time streamers can be very successful, none of that is necessary to start on Twitch. Just start streaming and don’t be afraid to figure some things out along the way.


Are You Ready to Grow Your Twitch Channel?

If these tips inspired you to get serious about growing your channel, our streaming coaches are ready to help you take things to the next level. Whether you need help gaining your following, improving your production quality, bringing the hype, or building your community, we can help!