Erik Plimmer

I’m IT support. My background is in web development and data/voice/fiber. I spend my free time exploring NC beaches, mountains and lakes, riding my motorcycle, or enjoying the day with my wife and kids. I’m mostly a console gamer, but I have always played PC games like The Sims and creative/management type games.

Anna Lee Tola

I’m the web dev! When I’m not staring at screens for work I’m staring at my phone, browsing Reddit. On rare occasions, I’ve been known to be outdoors during daylight hours (shocking, I know). I have an unyielding affinity for french fries which often borders on mild obsession, and I trained Wing Chun Kung Fu... [Read More]

Vince Demase

I’m the guy who spends all his time in Illustrator. I’ve spent 5 years working with YouTube and Twitch personalities creating and designing content. I play competitive games mostly, but also enjoy hockey, music, the occasional addiction to MMOs.

Ben Green

I manage all the social media, marketing, and sponsorship content at TRUgaming! I also host the Stream Key Podcast. Competitive games are my thing, but I’m also a big fan of all types of music, guitaring, gyming, and the color green in general. I have a degree in Communications from UNC Chapel Hill. Twitch –... [Read More]

Forbes Jamieson

I’m the old-timer of the TRU Crew. I’ve been working in IT field for more than 25 years, doing pretty much everything from application/server/desktop support, programming, phone systems, network engineering and security. Family, coffee and photography are just a few of my favorite things. Also I think my coworkers make fun of my accent (we... [Read More]

Katie Mundt

I’m the OG (original girl) in the TRU office and the behind-the-scenes superstar. My dogs Colt and Samantha are my favorite things ever. Dance is my first TRU love. I have a degree in it, and was a middle school teacher before I came to TRU! Fortnite is currently my jam but Killing Floor 2... [Read More]

Jake Hayde

I am the CO-Founder of TRUgaming alongside my longtime friend Ben Zucker. Being a gamer at heart and always wanting to strive for more has led me here. I have always wanted to contribute more to the gaming community ever since I started gaming on my parents Dell computer playing Stronghold Crusader many years ago!... [Read More]

Ben Zucker

I’m the Creator and Founder of TRUgaming. I love anything and everything computer-related. I also have a deep love of Redbull (which is probably not a good thing). When I’m not crushing HC Team Deathmatch in Black Ops 4 I’m keeping the TRUmachine running like a brand new sports car. In my spare time i’m... [Read More]

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