TRUgaming Update: Whiteshadow_001


Hello TRUgaming Community,

On August 15th, 2019, “Whiteshadow_001” was removed from TRUgaming in all aspects as a content creator and community member. 

Zach was removed after violating our company policy as a contract employee of TRUgaming. This is an isloated incident that is not related to the TRUpartner team.

Due to the extended duration and severity of these violations, we are removing Zach from the community overall in addition to official content.

TRUgaming has a zero-tolerance policy regarding malicious contract violations. Our Partner and Staff are held to a high standard as representatives of our brand and community, and are required to act as such. Sponsored Streamers or Staff that incur legal risk and/or severe brand damage to TRUgaming are subject to contract termination and possible legal action.

Thank you to all of the positive streamers and community members who make TRUgaming a welcoming family. We will strive to continue bringing you great streaming and gaming content.

– SownEquation, TRUgaming CEO



For questions, please contact our Media Director Ben Green (GreenChord):

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