Let’s Support Blue Star Service Dogs!

From Friday, Nov. 8th – Monday, Nov. 11th, catch 80 hours of continuous streaming to the TRUgaming Twitch channel for our Charity Streamathon!

This is another MASSIVE charity stream event. The prizes are, as always, crazy. You’re really going to want to read this.


blue star service dogs



80+ Hours, 30 Streamers, and More

blue star dogs

Announcing our November Charity Streamathon in support of Blue Star Service Dogs!

With the help of the TRUgaming Sponsored Streamers and TRUaffiliates, we will be streaming all weekend long on the TRU Twitch Channel in order to raise money for Blue Star Service Dogs.

Blue Star is a unique charity that helps combat veterans deal with PTSD by matching them with service dogs. However, the awesome part is that these dogs are rescues. Blue Star rescues and trains abandoned dogs, then matches them to veterans in need. The charity helps dogs as much as it helps veterans!

This charity is one that Velokk_TV is especially passionate about, and we’ve worked closely with him to organize this event each year.

We are aiming to raise $5000 over the course of the weekend. Help us show some support for this incredible organization!

You can go here to donate, or watch the action live on our Twitch channel.

Note – since Blue Star does not use Tiltify or similar sites, we will be doing a bulk donation at the end of the event for this charity.




Oh baby.

We have 3 major giveaways that will be happening!


Group Goal Milestone Giveaways

1) Raise at least $2,000: 2x Nintendo Switch Lites + Pokemon Sword or Shield

2) Raise at least $5,000: PS4 Pro Modern Warfare Bundle

3) Raise at least $10,000: All-Inclusive Trip for 2 to Playthrough 2019


These giveaways will occur via a Point System. The longer you watch the stream all weekend, the more points you get.

The drawings will be on Tuesday, Nov 12th at 1pm EST, so mark your calendars!



Seriously, there’s more.

During the course of the weekend, we will ALSO have incentives for every person that donates.

The more YOU donate during the weekend, the more cool perks you get!

  • At least $25: Get a special TRUbandana – for yourself, or your favorite TRUdoggo. Plus a bonus Chevy!
  • At least $50: Get a special Event Shirt for the Blue Star Service Dogs 2019 event!
  • At least $100: Get your choice of a purple or blue logo TRUbackpack. (5 total)
  • At least $200: Get a CUSTOM themed dog food/water bowl with your favorite doggo’s name on it!

While supplies lasts. One per person. US only.





Special Event

Doggos = likes.

During the event weekend, we’re asking the entire community to submit pictures of their own doggos on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #TRUdoggo!

(Last year’s submissions and total raised)

During the stream, we will have a slideshow that updates in real-time with community-submitted doggos! Show off your favorite pupper to the whole fam.

At the end of the weekend, we’ll grab all of the entries and combine them into a giant TRUdoggo collage.




30 Streamers in all!





We can’t wait to kick off this very special Charity Stream.

We would love it if you could take just a few minutes to help spread the word! Simply copy this link and post on the social media of your choice.

See you Friday!

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