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7 Days To Die
7days2die.jpg In the near future where the a third world war leaves the Earth in ruins but the worst was yet to come. Nobody knows for sure if it was the radiation, the biochemical weapons or an act of god but an unknown virus soon transforms the surviving humans into an army of the animated dead, acting as a single-minded being.

You play a survivor trapped in the savage zombie infested world of Navezgane County Arizona one of the last true Eden’s on Earth. Ironically Navezgane means “Killer of Monsters” to the Apache who have inhabited the land for centuries, and that’s pretty much what you’ll do as you fight to survive and search for the truth behind what really happened.

     Alpha 19 files are NOT compatible with Alpha 18 files.  You Will have to delete your Alpha 18 files if you update to Alpha 19 once  it is released.
General Help Server Admin Info
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Important.png * Random World Generation Admin.png * Modding Your Server
Admin.png * Wiping your server

Server Config

New Servers

By default 7D2D uses serverconfig.xml for server configuration on startup.
With the latest Alpha16 release of the game, any time you run the Steam Update command from your Game Control Panel,
it wipes out the serverconfig.xml file setting it back to default. This may change at any time depending on the number of
complaints the developers get.

To this end we have implemented a custom command line that uses TRUserverconfig.xml and have also made changes in this
file for the "AdminFileName" property, we have set it to TRUserveradmin.xml.

  • NOTE: in the TRUserverconfig.xml config file is a GameName variable.
    <property name="GameName" value="TRUgaming.com"/>
    The VALUE may only contain the following characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, dot (.), underscore (_), dash (-) and space ( )
    If you use anything else in this field, it will cause your server to crash.

Existing Servers

For our existing customers, before you run the Steam Update in your Game Control Panel, we suggest you make a backup copy of your
serverconfig.xml file. After the update replace the serverconfig.xml file with your backup copy. Make sure you take a few
extra minutes and verify the file contents to make sure you have the right file active.

Setting Up Server Welcome Screen

  1. Make sure the game server isn't running
  2. Edit PCServer-KFGame.ini: (Use Text Edit option )
    Find this part and edit it, here is the default one
    ServerMOTD=Welcome to our server. \n \n Have fun and good luck!
    BannerLink should be a PNG (save it > 8bit) image
    ServerMOTD is the message display under the BannerLink image. You can use "\n" to create a new line like in the default message.
    WebsiteLink is the url of your website (if you edit this from the webadmin, it resets to a blank value after saving)
  3. Save, start the server, enjoy you welcome screen.


Wipe Server

Option 1

  1. Stop server
  2. Using your File Manager, delete the map folder (whichever one you have set to save the world in)
    • By default on the TRUgaming servers, look under your 7dtdsaves,<Gameworld> folder
    • You will see a TRUgaming folder, delete this.
    • This should delete Player profiles as well as any maps that have been saved on the server
  3. Start server

Option 2

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Using the Configuration Editor or the Text Editor, edit the serverconfigmain.xml file
    • Find the line:
    • <property name="GameName" value="My Game"/>
  3. Change the name to something else instead of "TRUgaming" or whatever is currently there on your server.
    • This method will preserve the files for your old game, so by changing the name back, you can go back to the old game as well.
  4. Start the server back up and it should be a new game / map.


Make Yourself an admin

Method 1 - Manually via config file

  1. Login to your game control panel
  2. Click "Configuration Files"
  3. Open "7dtdsaves\serveradmin.xml" by click "Text Editor" to the right.
  4. Find the line that looks like this : "<admin steamID="XX" permission_level="0" />"
  5. Replace XX with your Steam64ID.
  6. Once added, you will need to remove the comment codes so that the line looks like this "<admin steamID="xx" permission_level="0" />

Method 2 - Via the web console

  1. Login to your game control panel
  2. Log into your 7DTD Web Control Panel (details are configured from the config file)
  3. Type "admin add <playerID> <permission level>" (replace playerID with player's Steam64ID and 0 for admin or 1 for moderator)

Other Notes

Prevent your server from restarting at day 0 after a server restart

  1. Open console in game and type "Shutdown"
  2. Restart your server via the game panel


Random World Generation (RWG)

There are several things to note if you want to use a Random World Generated (RWG) map on your server:

  • When changing the GameWorld type to RWG and letting the server generate the world:
    it is RECOMMENDED that WorldGenSeed and GameName be the same
  • The larger the WorldGenSize value, the longer it will take to generate and the longer it will take for you and other players to download from the server when you play.
  • RWG is VERY resource intensive on the server and VERY time consuming.
    The process can take an hour or more depending on the size of the map and how busy the server is.
    Example: an 8K world (WorldGenSize = 8192) can take almost 2 hours to generate, by comparison a 4K world (WorldGenSize = 4096) can take 15 minutes to generate.
    You may receive a Query Failure email and find your server stopped. This is because the process has taken so long and the server is not fully started.
    The game management system has not been able to query the server during its normal query cycle and assumed there is an error and stopped your server.
    If this happens, please open a Support ticket and we will work with you on resolving this
  • We RECOMENDED , you generate a RWG world on your local PC (See Local RWG below) and upload it to the server,
    it is not only faster, but also allows you to customize your map to your liking.
  • Optionally, you can use the NitroGen (see NitroGen below).
  • Using either of these options, you will need to make sure you take note of the following variables as you will need to edit your configuration file before starting your server.


Step 1: Generate Build Files

Local RWG Generation

You can generate your own RWG world for uploading to your server by;

  1. Starting your 7 Days To Die game
  2. Clicking on the Editing Tools option from the Main menu
  3. Selecting Generate Map option
  4. Selecting Ramdom Gen Previewer option
    1. Enter in a World Seed
    2. Enter in a World Size (Remember, the larger the world, the linger it takes to generate and the longer it takes to download from the server the first time you connect)
      This will generate a World Name for you, displayed on the top of the frame, next to the GENERATE WORLD title.
  5. Click on GENERATE WORLD and wait for it to finish.....
  6. Once complete, click on Back

NitroGen Tool

This tool, will generate the basic files needed, but can still take a while to generate all the necessary files on on your server.


Step 2: Building Your World

Once you have generated the files to build your world using either of the two options above, you need to build the world files.

  1. By default, RWG worlds built using the 7 Days To Die game will have it's the files placed in the c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds(1) folder,
    files generated by NitroGen will have it's build files places in whatever folder you specified as the output folder in the NitroGen GUI.
    For the latter, option, you will need to copy the Generated folder to the same folder used by the 7 Days To Die game.
  2. Start your 7 Days To Die game
  3. From the main menu, select New Game
  4. Enter in a name for you game. Make sure you take not of this, you will need this when you transfer your files to your server
  5. Using the < or > indicators scroll through the list of available Game Worlds, until you find the one you just generated.
  6. Click on START, on the bottom right
    This will start the game and initialize the necessary world files.
  7. Once the game itself starts, you can exit back to the main menu and quit the game.

  • You can verify the new game files have been created by launching the File Explorer on your PC and navigating to the c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves(1) folder
    Under this folder you should see a folder with your World Name, click on on that, you will see another folder with your Game Name

  • (1) You may have to enable 'View Hidden items' in your File Explorer to view this folder


Step 3: Uploading Your World

      These instructions may change as we refine the process!!!!

Quick Option

  1. Stop your server
  2. Using your favorite FTP client, connect to your server
  3. Transfer the World Name folder from the Saves folder on your PC to the 7dtdsaves folder on your server.
    Example: New Itami Valley
  4. Transfer the World Name folder from the GeneratedWorlds folder to the \UserData\GeneratedWorlds folder on your server
    (If these folders do not exist, you can create them using the File Manager or using your FTP client.
    Create the UserData folder first, in the main server directory, then under that the GeneratedWorlds folder.)
    Example: New Itami Valley
  5. Click on the Configuration Editor option next to the TRUserverconfig.xml file, under the Configuration File icon.
  6. Under the GAMEPLAY section, edit the following fields:
    1. Game World - Should be the name of the folder you uploaded to the 7dtdsaves folder
      Example: New Itami Valley
    2. WorldGenSeed - Set to the seed value you used to create your world. MUST BE EXACT
      Example: trugaming
    3. WorldGenSize - Set to the map size you used to create your world, typically 4096 or 8192
      Example: 8192
    4. GameName - Set to the Game Name you created when you built your world
      Example: trugaming
  7. Save your configuration
  8. Start your server back up
    We recommend you launch the Web Console and watch the server start to make sure there are no issues/errors.

Long Option

  • This is the more time consuming option
  1. Stop your server
  2. Using the File Manager verify you have a folder called UserData in the root of your server, if not go ahead and create if using the New Folder option
  3. If the UserData folder exists, check to see if there is a folder called GeneratedWorlds, if not, again using the New Folder option, create the GenerateWorlds folder.
  4. Using your favorite FTP client, connect to your server.
  5. In the Remote site: window, navigate to the \UserData\GenertatedWorlds folder
  6. In the Local site: window, navigate to the location of your locally generate world folder/files,
    7 Days To DieGame: c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds.
    NitroGen: whatever folder you specified as the output folder on the GUI
    right click on the folder name of your generatds world and select upload
    This will transfer all the necessary files and folders to your sever.
  7. Exit your FTP client
  8. Click on the Configuration Files icon
  9. Click on the Configuration Editor option for the TRUserverconfig.xml' server configuration file.
    1. You can leave Game World as RWG
    2. Replace the WorldGenSeed with what you used to generate the map
    3. Replace the WorldGenSize with what you used to generate the map
    4. Replace the GameName with what you used to generate the map
  10. Save the file
  11. Start your server
  12. Click on the Web Console link to open the web console, so you can monitor the progress of your server startup and watch for any issues.

  • The initial startup may take some time so be patient.