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Main Page

Whats Changed

The biggest, most obvious, changes in the new interface include:

  • New login page
  • New menu layout
  • Icons on the Service Information tab which were below the server information are now to the left of the server information
  • Take a look at our website announcement as well: Game Control Panel Update

Logging In

  • Username
    Enter the username provided in your welcome email
  • Password
    Enter the username provided in your welcome email or if you have changed it, your new password
  • CAPTCHA Code
    Enter the CAPTHCA code from the block above. This is not case sensitive
  • Language
    Do not change
  • Template
    Do not change
  • Keep me logged in
    Check this checkbox if you want your browser to remember your username/password for the next time you login
  • Log In
    Click on this button, once you have entered your username, password AND the CAPTCHA
  • Forgot your password?
    Click on this link to reset your password should you have forgotten it.

Main Menu

Once logged in you will see the following menu options:

  • In this example image the rightmost item; TRUCommunity, will be replaced with YOUR username.

Sub Menus

Home User Management Game & Voice Management Support <username>
Add a Widget Sub Users Game Services Support Tickets My Profile
Create A Sub User Voice Services Open A New Ticket Account Security
Email Notifications