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Dayz.jpg DayZ is a gritty, authentic, open-world survival horror hybrid-MMO game, in which you follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can. There are no superficial tips, waypoints, built in tutorials or help given to players. Every decision matters, there are no save games, no extra lives, every mistake can be lethal. If you fail, you lose everything and you need to play again from the beginning with nothing but your wits, and your two hands. Fight the hostile environment, where every other player can be friend or foe and nothing can be taken for granted. This is DayZ, this is your story.
DayZ 1.10 Release Announcement
      If you have a modded server BE PATIENT, THERE WILL BE ISSUES!!!!!!!
      It is up to the mod developer's to update their mods.  Nothing we can do about it.
         Make sure you have backed up your profile and mpmission(s) folder(s)...
 We have added a backup script to the Steam Update option.  This makes a backup of your mpmissions folder ONLY.
 PLEASE NOTE, the latest update will REPLACE several .xml files.  See  Special Notes
General Help Server Admin Info
Noob.png * Noobs (And Others) (Please read!!) Wrench.png * Modding your Server
See new option added with 1.08
Admin.png * Scheduling Daily Restarts
Dayz.jpg * DayZ Server vs DayZ SA Launcher Admin.png * Additional Server Administration Info Admin.png * Changing Maps (Chernarus/Livonia)
Dayzloot.jpg * Loot & Spawn Rates, Other Info SteamUpdate.png * Steam Updates Admin.png * Player White Listing
Admin.png * Mod Specific Information Admin.png * Changing/Editing the Commandline Important.png * DayZ Launcher Users Important Note
Important.png * Important DayZ Expansion Mod Info Admin.png * Wipe Server


Do's Dont's
  • If the mod documentation refers to your server Profile folder, our our servers this is called default
  • Make sure the names of mods listed in the commandline are identical to the names of the mod folders on your server
    @WeaponsReduxPack is NOT the same as @WeaponReduxPack
    You will get an log file error, similar to the: [Error] Mod Error: failed to find mod, @WeaponsReduxPack does not exist
  • Make sure you have the mods in the correct location
  • DayZ now has both Client/Server mods and Server ONLY mods.
    • Client/Server: these mods are required to be on both your PC and the server
    • Server ONLY: these mods are required to be on the server only, not needed on your PC

Client/Server: uses the -mod= commandline option
Server ONLY: uses the -servermod= commandline option

  • If you Place mods in the wrong option, you will most likely get a 'PBO error'.
  • Be careful when you rename mods folders, some mods do not like this.
    • This all depends on how the mod developer wrote their mods. Some mods you may get away with renaming the folder.
      Using Zom for Zomberry Admin Tools may or may not cause issues.
      Using @crazymikewinterchernarusv3 for the Winter_Chernarus instead of @Winter_Chernarus may cause issues.
      Yes, the .bikeyfile is called crazymikewinterchernarusv3.bikey, but some mods will look for the Mod Title when they look for the mod data files .
  • Make sure you go to the Commandline Manager and Select the Add Mod or Mods in Quotes commandline,
    so that your -mod= option comes into play.
    • By Default, the Default commandline option is set. This does not include the -mod= option.
  • Make sure you have the mods you want active are listed in the commandline and are in the CORRECT order
  • Make sure you do not have a trailing semi-colon at the end of your 'mods commmmandline
    @CF;@BaseFurnitureMods;@Unlimited Stamina;@VanillaPlusPlusMap is correct
    @CF;@BaseFurnitureMods;@Unlimited Stamina;@VanillaPlusPlusMap; is WRONG
  • Make sure you have copied the mods .bikey files to the \keys folder
  • Make sure that you have installed any dependency mods/required items and they are in the correct order.
    • Example:
      If you are using a mod that requires the CF mod, your commandline needs to be:
      -mod=@CF;<the mod that uses CF next>
      load @dbo_surfaces last - from their Steam Workshop page.
  • If you have made manual edits/changes to your serverDZ.cfg file that they are correct and you have not removed any closing quotes or semi-colons.
    hostname = "Your Awesome Server - Hosted by"; is correct
    hostname = "Your Awesome Server - Hosted by; is WRONG or
    hostname = "Your Awesome Server - Hosted by" is WRONG.
  • Make sure you have read the mod documentation and associated discussions/comments for any additional setup requirements, suggestions and/or help:
    • Example
      Additional folders
      Files that require you copy info from 3rd party websites/file repositories
      Files that need to start with your STEAMID64 or BECGUID
  • If you have been looking a other websites and videos, make sure you have verified that they pertain to the most recent release of the game and actually to the game.
    All to often there is a lot of out dated information on the web that can lead you astray very quickly.
    There is a lot of DayZ information that still exists and is related to the Arma II DayZ mod, when doing searches for DayZ.
  • If you have edited any .xml or .json files, make sure that you have kept the formatting intact.
    You can use a XML/JSON online too to validate your changes. Example: XML-Formatter
    This will NOT validate game related data, it will simply check the format of the file.
  • If you already have a server and decide to FTP your files from that server to your TRUgaming server (NOT RECOMMENDED).
    • DO NOT COPY the server configuration file (serverDZ.cfg) from the other server.
  • Make sure you have looked at the log files for errors.
    • Log files are your friend.
      Yes, there is a lot of info in there, but can save you a lot of time and frustration
      Log files can be found under your server profile folder (\default)
  • Don't forget to change your commandline from Default
    • If this is the first time you are adding mods, your server will be using the Default commandline option, which does not include the -mod= option.
    • The reason for the Default, option is so that when troubleshooting, you can remove your mods from being loaded without having to delete them from the commandline. This give you a vanilla server to test with.
    • Click on the Select link for the appropriate commandline for your needs, the recommended choices are:
      For DayZ:, select Mods In Quotes
      For DayZ ModLauncher: select Add Mods
  • As a good steward or resources:
    Some mods will create a large number of log files. While we have scripts in place to clean up some of them, we cannot catch them all.
    We ask that you periodically go into your \default folder, using the File Manager and clean out older log files.


Steam Updates

         Make sure you have backed up your config and mission(s) folder(s)...
  • There are backup options available under the ...More button (next to the Start/Stop/Restart buttons) / Actionstab in your game control panel
    • Back Up(/mpmissions/dayzOffline.chernarusplus folder)
    • Back Up(/mpmissions/dayzOffline.enoch folder)
  • To update your server click on the Steam Update icon. Wait until you see the 'Process is complete message before navigating away from the screen.
    • DO NOT ATTEMPT to run it multiple times, if you do not see anything on the screen. The process can take a while, depending on how big the update is and how busy the Steam servers are.
    • THIS ONLY UPDATES the DayZ server application, it does NOT update any mods or the DayZLAuncher application.

Special Notes

  • The DayZ 1.10 update replaced several Central Economy config files:
    types.xml, events.xml, to name a few
    See the Dayz Forum for more info.
    This is a FORCED change as part of their update to the game. Nothing we can prohibit or change
In the types.xml file, most of the changes are updates to the lifetime value of items on the server.
<type name="Ammo_762x39Tracer">
<type name="Ammo_762x39Tracer">

If you have made changes to files such as; types.xml, because you have added mods or changed loot/spawn values, there is a good chance that they will be lost.
As part of the Steam Update, a backup of your \mpmissions folder was made. It is located in the UserBackups\mpmissions folder. The file starts with the name MPM

  • To recover any changed files, use the File Manager and locate your MPM file. Download it to your local PC and extract the zipped file.
    DO NOT UPLOAD THE EXTRACED FILES BACK TO THE SERVER, it will most likely break things if you do.
  • You will need to compare the file(s) on your server with the backup file and make the necessary edits to your server file.
    The best way to determine which files were updated, is to look at the Date Created date for the file in the File Manager on your server.
    To identify what changed you can use a program like NotePad++ and install the Compare plugin. (NOTE: We do not provide support for this program)
    NOTE: You will also need to download a copy of your current server file for comparison. Do not download it to the same folder where you extracted the MPM file.
  • You will need to copy and paste the changes back to your server file.


DayZ vs DZSA Launcher

  • DayZ: This is a standard DayZ Server installation.  Requires only the DayZ game client to connect.
  • DZSA Launcher: This installation uses the DayZ SA Launcher tool.  This tool enables the players to subscribe and download the mods running on the server. 
    Mods are checked everytime the player hits join, comparing the local files with those running on the server.  Requires the client side installation of the DZSA Launcher and the DayZ game client to connect.
    For more info on DZSA Launcher, click here
  • NOTES:
  • DayZSA Launcher server setup and management is Identical to a regular DayZ server, so you can use the same instructions below.
    The only extra steps are detailed in DayZ SA Launcher section below.


DayZ SA Launcher

     Our offering of the DayZ SA Launcher is the Mod Download Server
     This tool enables clients who join the server to subscribe to the workshop mods, in use on the server, and download them to their local PC. 
     Mods are checked every time the player hits join, comparing the local files with those running on the server.
IF YOU HAVE A regular DayZ server, YOU CANNOT UPLOAD the DZSALModServer.exe file to your server. 1) Uploading of .exe files is restricted 2) The .exe file is required to be part of the command line that starts your server and as such cannot be changed by users. 3) If you have a regular DayZ server and want to change to a DayZ Launcher server, we will need to setup a new server for you. Simply open a Support ticket and request the change. 4) We cannot convert one server to the other or visa versa. The 'batch' file for each is very different. They are seperate installations.

  • The setup is the same as that for a regular DayZ Standalone server (See above)
  • Make sure you go to the Commandline Manager and Select the Add Mod commandline so that your -mod= option comes into play.
    • By Default, the Default commandline option is set. This does not include the -mod= option.
  • You will need to Check/Register your server for it to appear in the DayZ SA Launcher in-game list
    If everything is setup and running correctly you will see

    • NOTE As of writing this page the DZSALModServer.exe has not been updated since February 2019.
      We will do our best to keep the server side updated but there is no notification process on the developers part as to when update are released.

DZSA Launcher Important Note

      DayZSA Launcher is a 3rd party product.  We cannot provide support for issues with this product.
      You need to make sure your mods setup correctly and your server is running.
      If your server fails to verify on their Server Check link (this can be an issue on their side, out of our control) you can check your server by:
        Opening a web browser and entering: <YOUR SERVER IP ADDRESS>:<GAME PORT+10> in the address bar
        Example:  XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2325 <- Connection Info from your server
                  Enter XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:2335 into your server address bar
                  If everything on your server is setup correctly you should get back a response similar to: