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Server Administration[edit]

Message Of The Day[edit]

   DayZ ONLY ALLOWS TWO (2) MOTD lines in the config file
   If you add more than that, your server will not start correctly

         motd[] = {"Welcome to our DayZ Server","Hosted by"}; // Message of the day displayed in the in-game chat

PLEASE make sure that you stick to the existing formatting and only change the info between the double quotes.


How To Become Admin On My Server[edit]

  1. Stop your server. You MUST stop your server or you will not be able to save any changes to the configuration file
  2. Click on the Configuration Files icon
  3. Click on the Text Editor link for the serverDZ.cfg file
  4. Locate the line:
    passwordAdmin = "";
  5. Add in your password. Make sure you add the password between the quotes. DO NOT remove the quotes or the semi-colon or your server will not run
    Example: passwordAdmin = "mypassword";
  6. Save the file
  7. Start your server backup

Server Profile Folder[edit]

  • By default the server profile on all TRUgaming DayZ servers is set to:
    -profiles=<user server directory>\default
  • Please note that the profiles folder on the server does NOT have to be named "profiles"

The exact path can be seen when you open the Commandline Manager.


'Modding' Your Server[edit]

Mod Warning!![edit]

**  WARNING!!!!  ***
Not all mods are supported for mod stacking (multiple mods). Mods may also be outdated upon release of new game updates which have caused major issues for server owners in the past (data loss, crashing). Also, note that technical support related to mods will be rather limited. The moment mods are installed, we are not held liable for any issues which may be related to the mod install - including data loss, service instability, and so forth. You are given every tool necessary to add and maintain mods.

*** PLEASE READ!!!!!! ***

  • Read the instructions from the 'mod' documentation very carefully.
  • Remember mods are new to DayZ SA and they may not work well together so make sure you test them individually, add them one at a time and test
  • Its important to have Mods loaded in the right Order to work properly!
  • Not all so called MODS are mods, some are missions or map updates/addons/enhancements and are treated differently than typical mods
  • Not all 'MODS' require loading anything but the key file to the server, everything else is on the local PC
  • Some mods require extensive editing of key server files, like the init.c and types.xml files. Make sure you have a backup before editing.
  • Some mods are client side and create configuration files that you then add to existing server side files.

Adding Mods To Your Server[edit]

Step 1: Subscribe to your Workshop Mods[edit]

Once you have subscribed to your workshop mods and they have been downloaded to your local PC,
Launch your DayZ game via the Steam application, using the Launcher option "Run Dayz Launcher"
So that you can add the mods to your game and create the necessary folder shortcuts to make uploading your mods easier.



Step 2: Upload Your Mods[edit]

  1. Finding my Mods on my local PC so I can upload them to my server.
  2. Stop your server
  3. Using your favorite FTP client connect to your server. (Using FileZilla for all examples)
    ( More info on how to FTP files/folders to your server can be found here:411_on_Game_Server_Management#FTP_To_My_Game_Server )
    1. In the Local site: section of your FTP client, navigate to your mod folder on your local PC.
    2. In the Remote Site: section of yout FTP client, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the file list.
    3. Returning to your Local Site:, Right Click on the mod folder you wish to upload and choose Upload to upload the mod folder to the root of your server
      Repeat this for every mod you want to upload
      Once complete you will see your mod folder(s) on both sides.
    4. You can also, at this time, use your FTP client to copy the mod(s) .bikeys file(s) to the \Keys folder on your server.
      Using your favorite FTP client, copy the .bikey file from the mod folder(s) \Keys folder on your PC to the \Keys folder on your server
      The end result is that for each mod you have copied you should have an associated .bikey file in the \Keys folder on your server
      NOTE: the dayz.bikey file is there by default. DO NOT DELETE IT.


Step 3: Changing Commandline[edit]

  1. Click on the Commandline Manager
  2. This will open to your Predefinded Commandline tab.
  3. Depending on the mod you are using, some mods require the -scrAllowFileWrite flag, click on the Select link on the right hand side
  4. This will open a dialog box
    In the Mods input field enter the mods you want loaded. If you are adding multiple mods make sure you separate them with a semi-colon (;)
    Example: @mod1;@mod2;@mod3 or @mod1;mod2,@mod3 (depending on what you have called the mod folders)
    DO NOT put a ";" after the last mod in your list
  5. Click Apply
    Your Commandline will now look like:
    Note: The Select on the right hand side has now changed to Selected. This will be the commandline that the server will use when you start it


Step 4: Additional Configuration[edit]

  • Depending on the mod you have installed, some mods require additional configuration of either:
    mod files or other core server files like the init.c file
    creation of additional folders
    creation of additional files.


Step 5: Start Your Server Backup[edit]

Once you have started your server, make sure you take a look at the log files to make sure there are no errors.
Available log files can viewed by clicking on the Log Viewer icon.


Changing/Removing Active Mods On Your Server[edit]

  1. Stop your server
  2. Using the same basic process as above, click on the Active/Selected commandline and add or remove the mods you want loaded.
    You do not have to delete the mod folder/files from your server.
  3. Start your server

Finding my Mods on my local PC[edit]

  1. Navigate to the DayZ game folder on your PC.
    Typically .../Steam/steamapps/common/DayZ
    Under this folder you will see a folder called !Workshop
  2. Double click on this folder
    You will see all your subscribed mods

Back to Step 2: Uploading Your Mods

Additional Server Administration Info[edit]

How To Ban Players[edit]

There are currently two ways to ban players from a server:

  • Create a file ban.txt in the server root folder and add the player UID in a new line (44 characters long id that you can find in .adm or .rpt logs)
  • Create a file bans.txt in the serverRootDirectory\battleye folder and add the player BE GUID in a new line (32 characters long GUID which you can get from RCon tools like Dart or BEC).

The location of the BattlEye folder can be customized via the startup parameters -bePath and -profiles.

Some RCon tools like Dart offer the option to ban users directly via their UI which is then, written to bans.txt.

Wipe Server[edit]

A standard DayZ multiplayer mission using the offline database. Using this type of mission means that everyone's characters are locked to your server
- there is no option for shared characters over multiple servers when using the offline database.

The character information is stored within the players.db file, located within the mpmissions\dayz.chernarusplus\storage_X folder.
Removal of this causes character wipe.


RCON Password Change[edit]

The default Battleye Configuration file (BEServer_x64.cfg) is located in the \battleye folder on your server

Default Contents:
RConPassword <MyPasswordHere>
RestrictRCon 1

Once the server starts it renames this file to BEServer_x64_active_<some random numbers>.cfg, Example: BEServer_x64_active_6262.cfg
You can change the password but make sure you STOP the server first.

File Options: RConPassword MyPasswordHere - Sets the password for the connection of the RCon tool (remote connection admin tool like BEC/Dart)
RestrictRCon 1 - Enables/Disables RCon functions (kick/ban/connection restrictions)


File Backup/Restore[edit]

  • We do not backup your server files, it is your responsibility to make backups and if necessary keep an offline copy
  • The backup process only keeps the last three backups that have been made
  • Backup files are located in the \UserBackups folder on your server

  • Expand for more details on the file options:

Configuration Files
This option backups/restores the server \default folder

  • By default the server profile on all TRUgaming DayZ servers is set in the command line to:
    -profiles=<user server directory>\default
  • Please note that the profiles folder on the server does NOT have to be named "profiles"
  • Compressed backup files start with the letter C, followed by the date time stamp of the backup
    Example C_02-05-2019

Mission Files
This option backups/restores the ENTIRE \mpmissions folder on your server

  • By default on all TRUgaming DayZ servers this is set to:
    and if you add any mods that may use their own structure and add files to the \mpmissions folder those will be included in the backup/restore process.
  • Compressed backup files start with the letter's MPM, followed by the date time stamp of the backup
    Example MPM_02-05-2019


Backup Files[edit]

Files can be backed up in one of two ways:

  • Manually, using the Configuration Backup option from the Actions menu
  • Scheduled, by creating a scheduled task under the Scheduled Tasks tab


  1. Go to the Actions tab
  2. Click on the Backup Configs or Backup mpmissions option
  3. Click OK to execute the script
    This will open a command window (if you have a popup blocker turned on you will not see this and may have to allow popups for this site)

    If your server is running it will stop your server
    Execute the backup script. You will see information regarding the name of the file and number of files being backed up
    If you have more than 3 backup files I will inform you that it is deleting the oldest one
    Once complete, if you server was running it will restart your server.
    You be prompted to close the window... You may close this window :-)

Scheduled For more information on Scheduling a backup task see our Wiki page on the subject: Scheduling Tasks

Restore Files[edit]

Files can be only be restored Manually

  1. Go to the Actions tab
  2. Click on the Restore Configs or Restore mpmissions option
  3. You will be prompted with a dropdown list of available files
  4. Select the file you want from the list and then click on the Execute button
    This will open a command window (if you have a popup blocker turned on you will not see this and may have to allow popups for this site)
    If your server is running it will stop your server

    Once complete, if you server was running it will restart your server.
    You be prompted to close the window... You may close this window :-)

Other Backup/Restore Notes:

  • If you want to restore individual file(s) from a backup, you will need to download the .zip file to your local PC
    Extract the .zip, locate the file you want and then upload it back to your server using the File Manager or an FTP client
  • If you have added custom files to any one of the above folders that are not part of the default file suite they will not be backed up and as a result not restored.
    Files with the following extensions are included in the backups: .c, .bin, .db, .map, .xml, .lst, .cfg


Admin Commands[edit]

You must log on as admin before typing admin commands.
Both logon and admin commands have to be sent in the chat prefixed with a #
(Note that some commands may be disabled depending on what type of server you have)

Command Example Description

Command Example Notes/Description
#login password #login adminPW Log in as the admin
#exec ban (name, ID or Player#)  #exec ban nickName Allows you to ban a player. Their ID will be added to the ban.txt
<May not be available in DayZSA> #exec ban 47114712
#exec ban 3
#kick (name, ID or Player#) #kick nickName Allows you to kick a player
#kick 47114712
#kick 3


Other Game Info[edit]

DayZ SA Launcher[edit]

     Our offering of the DayZ SA Launcher is the Mod Download Server
     This tool enables the launcher to download the mods running on the server. 
     Mods are checked every time the player hits join, comparing the local files with those running on the server.
     YOU CANNOT UPLOAD the DZSALModServer.exe file to your server.
     1) Uploading of .exe files is restricted
     2) The .exe file is required to be part of the command line that starts your server and as such cannot be changed by users.
  • The setup is the same as that for a regular DayZ Standalone server
  • You will need to Check/Register your server for it to appear in the DayZ SA Launcher in-game list
    If everything is setup and running correctly you will see

    • NOTE As of writing this page the DZSALModServer.exe has not been updated since February 2019.
      We will do our best to keep the server side updated but there is no notification process on the dev part as to when update are released.

Workshop Mod: Community Online Tools[edit]

We have had numerous questions about the Community Online Tools mod by Jacob Mango.

In the Server Installation Instructions section:

  • Step 3 is says:
    3. Enter your profiles directory for the server and then create the following folder setup.
    - {PROFILE}\PermissionsFramework\Players
    - {PROFILE}\PermissionsFramework\Permissions
    - {PROFILE}\PermissionsFramework\Roles
    - {PROFILE}\CommunityOnlineTools\ItemSets
    - {PROFILE}\CommunityOnlineTools\Vehicles

    On TRUgaming servers the profiles directory is \default, and is located in the root of the server.
    The result should look like:

  • Step 4 is says:
    4. Make a new text file (with .txt extension) with your steam 64 ID and place this text (inside the link) into it:

    The file you create needs to be placed in the PermissionsFramework\Permissions folder. (Source: Comment posted by Asmondian )
    The file MUST also end with the .txt extension or it will not work

24/7 Daytime Issues[edit]


We have been doing some research regarding the 24/7 daytime issue.. this has from everything we have found, certainly been identified as a bug.

We have found a possible solution, it deletes the Persistence Files under the mpmissions folder.

The source says (
Start server with fresh storage files
Wait until restart
Observe time persistence enabled permanently

We have created a 24/7 Fix script, located on the Service Information tab.  This will stop the server, delete the storage files and start the server back up.
New storage files are created on startup.

The server will start in day time assuming you have set the serverDZ.cfg file to do so.
For example:
* serverTime="2018/11/27/08/00";

*'''NOTE: This will wipe any character progress'''