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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Custom Maps

  • Note: when adding maps to your server you need to make sure you take note pf the game mode or game type for the map
    Not all maps are playable in all game modes/game types
    Game Types: 1=DeathMatch/Free For All, 2=Team match, 3=Objective, 4 = Roundbased

Adding Maps

  1. Download the map file to your PC
  2. Stop your server
  3. Upload the .pk3 file to the \main folder on your server using either the File Manager or your favorite FTP client.

Adding Maps To Map Rotation

  1. Next, go to the Configuration Files option and edit the server configuration file (server.cfg) file.
  2. Edit the map list
    Add the map to the seta sv_maplist= cvar
  3. If you want to change your starting map, edit this as well.
    Change the map cvar to the new starting map

Using A Map on the Fly

If you have uploaded a new custom map to your server and want to use it without having to change any configuration files, you can load the map via the RCON or in-game console.

  • Enter: rcon map<map name>
    Example: rcon dm/aftermath
  • Note: Dont forget if you need to change the game type for the map, you can do this from teh console as well
    rcon g_gametype <#> (where # = 1=DeathMatch/Free For All, 2=Team match, 3=Objective, 4 = Roundbased)

Making Yourself Admin

  1. Go to file manager in your game panel then go into \main folder
  2. Open file admins.ini. If it does not exists, you can create it.
  3. Add new line looking like this:
    login=<admin username> password=<admin password> rights=<admin rights> (see list below)
    login=test password=test rights=16383
    (Don’t use TAB’s to make spaces between name, password, rights. Instead use spaces)
  • How to log in as Admin:
    To log in as admin, player has to type this in to the game console:
    Console access - press the '`' or '~' key
  • Then enter
    ad_login <admin username> <admin password>
    Should receive a yellow confirmation message below the compass

Access Levels (Rights)

ACCESSLEVEL_PROTECTNAME 1 ad_say ad_sayp his name is protected (reserved), only he can use his nickname on the server
ACCESSLEVEL_MAPCHANGE 2 ad_map can change maps
ACCESSLEVEL_RESTART 4 ad_restart can restart the game
ACCESSLEVEL_GAMETYPE 8 ad_gametype can change gametype
ACCESSLEVEL_FRAGLIMIT 16 ad_fraglimit can change frag limit
ACCESSLEVEL_TIMELIMIT 16 ad_timelimit can change time limit
ACCESSLEVEL_KICK 32 ad_kick ad_clientkick can kick players from game
ACCESSLEVEL_LISTADMINS 2048 ad_listadmins can view a list of in-game admins
ACCESSLEVEL_RCON 4096 ad_rcon can have a full access to RCon console
ACCESSLEVEL_MAX 16383 -------------------------- all rights