Outlaws of the Old West

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Outlaws of the Old West
Outlaws.jpg Outlaws of the Old West is a massively multiplayer survival MMO with a huge world, thousands of items and a modular building system. Survive the wild, build your own homestead, defeat villainous bandits and work with others to tame the Wild West.

** EARLY ACCESS - has Lots 'O Bugs!!'


Important Notes

     This is still an Early Access game and as such does have it bugs.
     There are no detailed configuration options, other than what is available via the Commandline Manager  

New Guides

GameUserSettings.ini Config File

  • Important Note
    The system will automatically delete the settings that are left default, so if you open the .ini file it will likely not have this section:
    at all if everything is default.
    This is normal. Simply add the required lines from the above link and/or change the value from the default, save the file and start your server.


Game Modes

There are currently 4 game modes:

  • PVP - Player vs Player
  • PVE - Player vs Environment
  • RP - Role Play
  • ORR - Online Raid Requirement (require a player to be online for other players to destroy their buildings.)

To change your game mode:

  1. Stop your server
  2. Click on the Commandline Manager
    You will see the 4 options
  3. Click on the appropriate Select or Selected' link on the right hand side for the game mode you want to use
  4. This will open a set of dialogue boxes that will allow you to change
    1. Enter/Edit the Server Name
    2. Enter/Edit the Server Password - this will require users to know this password in order to join the game
    3. Enter/Edit the Admin Password
  5. Click Apply
    If the line was previously showing Select , it will change to Selected
  6. Start your server

Game Admin or GM

GM/Server Admin Setup

Step 1:​ Adding First Account to GM List

  1. Navigate to configuration files in your game panel
  2. Open ​“AdminList.txt”
  3. Retrieve ​Steam64ID - https://steamid.io/
  4. Paste Account ​SteamID ​and add new line following it.
  5. Restart server.

Step 2:​ ​Enable GM Menu

  1. Once in game press ​“SHIFT + ~”​.
  2. Admin console will be visible at bottom of screen.
  3. Type ​“ActivateAdmin” ​and press ​“ENTER”​.
  4. Now Admin window is available in pause menu.
  5. Use this menu to add more Admins or ban/kick players.

Step 3:​ ​Use GM Special Commands

  1. Once in game press ​“SHIFT + ~”​.
  2. Admin console will be visible at bottom of screen.
  3. Type in Admin command and press enter.

Admin Command List:

  • GMBuff: buffs player health and stamina to unlimited and stops hunger/thirst.
  • Teleport ​x y: Teleport to the given coordinates (coordinates correspond to map in-game)
  • DestroyTarget: Destroys the target at center of aim. Will leave nothing behind.
  • KillTarget: Applies max damage to target at center of aim.
  • RefreshAdminTextList: Reload Admin list from file.
  • RefreshBanTextList: Reload Ban list from file.

Ban List

  1. Navigate to configuration files in your game panel
  2. Open ​“BanList.txt”
  3. Remove or insert Steam64IDs separated by new lines.


Wiping Server

  • To wipe your server, which you need to do when recommended by the developers in their patch notes, or
    If you want to start over again
  1. Stop your server
  2. Click on the File Manager
  3. Navigate to the \Outlaws\Content\ folder
  4. Delete all the .osf files
  5. Start your server back up