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Team Fortress 2
Tf2.jpg Nine distinct classes provide a broad range of tactical abilities and personalities. Constantly updated with new game modes, maps, equipment and, most importantly, hats!

Server Admin (Sourcemod Option)

  • To enable the admin menu on your TF2 server you need to:
  1. From the Mod Manager , install the Sourcemod mod.
  2. Once installed You will need to get your SteamID ( How to find your SteamID: 411_on_Game_Server_Management#SteamID )
  3. Using the File Manager, navigate to to your \tf\addons\sourcemod\configs\ folder and click on the pencil icon next to the admins_simple.ini file
  4. Go to the very bottom and add your SteamID and permissions (for more details on the permissions, look at the admin_levels.cfg also located in the \csgo\addons\sourcemod\configs\ folder)
    "STEAM_n:o:p" "z"
  5. Save the file
  6. Start your server

  • Your admins_simple.ini

Replace the contents with:

    "Your Player  Name"
        "auth"            "steam" 
        "identity"        "Steam ID" 
        "immunity"        "99" 
        "flags"            "z" 
Options Description
Auth What client you use to connect,
Identity Your SteamID that you looked up in Step 2
Immunity Where you rank among other admins,
Flags What you can and cannot do. z gives you access to all flags
* To look up the [Flag options ]