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Terraria.jpg ** COMING SOON** The very world is at your fingertips as you fight for survival, fortune, and glory. Delve deep into cavernous expanses, seek out ever-greater foes to test your mettle in combat, or construct your own city - In the World of Terraria, the choice is yours!

Blending elements of classic action games with the freedom of sandbox-style creativity, Terraria is a unique gaming experience where both the journey and the destination are as unique as the players themselves!

TRUgaming Terraria Servers

   We are using TShock to deliver Terraria servers

   * TShock Forums
   * TShock Documentation

Server Admin

Becoming Admin (SuperAdmin)

  1. When you server first start you will need to connect to the WebConsole so set yourself as superadmin
  2. In the webconsole you'll see a message that says "To become superadmin, join the game and type /auth [authcode]."
    Take note of the code displayed in your server console.
  3. Launch your game and join your server. Then in-game open the console { ~ key } window, and type in /auth code, where code is your [authcode] from the step above
  4. Then enter /user add [username] [password] superadmin. Replace username and password with your desired username and password, without brackets.
  5. Login using /login [username] [password]. If you login successfully, great! If not, repeat the above step again or post on the forums to get more help.
  6. Type /auth to finish setup.

Server Admin Commands


Server Configuration

    * Once created, you cannot change your world.  You have to DELETE YOUR EXISTING or CREATE A NEW world!! 

Default/Initial Server Configuration Values

Servers are created initially with the following parameters in the truserverconfig.txt config file:

Option Value Options/Notes
Autocreate 1 World Size - 1(small), 2(medium), and 3(large)
Seed TRUgaming Sets the world seed when using autocreate
Difficulty 0 0(normal), 1(expert)
World Name trugaming Sets the name of the world when using autocreate

Creating a New World

  1. Stop your server
  2. Using the File Manager, located the Worlds folder
  3. Under this folder you will see the name of your world(s).
    It will be a file with a '.wld' extention.
    Highlight the world you wish to delete and click on the Delete icon from the top menu.
    If you want to keep your current world settings, skip to the last step.
  4. If you want to change your world settings and create a new world
    1. Go back to the Service Information tab and click on the Configuration Files icon
    2. Click on either the Text Editor or the Configuration Editor link
    3. Text Editor option
      1. Edit the following fields ONLY
      2. Save your file changes
    4. Configuration Editor option
      1. Edit the following fields ONLY
        World Name
        World Size
        World Seed
      2. Save your file changes
  5. Start your server


Changing the Message of The Day

  1. Stop your server
  2. Click on the Configuration Files icon
  3. Click on either the Text Editor or the Configuration Editor
    1. Text Editor option
    2. Locate the motd= line in the file and make the necessary changes
    3. Save the file
    4. Configuration Editor option
    5. Make the necessary changes in then Message of the Day line
    6. Save the file
  4. Start your server


Banning Users

  • You can ban users in one of two ways
  1. Adding users to the "banlist.txt" file
  2. Using the Admin commands



Clear TShock Database/Files

  • If you need to start fresh, you can always do so by deleting the TShock database file and the authcode lock file.
  1. Stop your server
  2. Using the File manager locate the \tshock folder
    1. Delete tshock.sqlite file
    2. Delete auth.lck file
    This will remove all users and restore TShock to a initial state.