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Saving Data[edit]

  *** NOTE ***

    It appears that Unturned DOES NOT save progress natively
        The in-game  /save and @save do not work even if you have made yourself Owner or Admin
    You need to install the RocketMod and make sure that the "autosave" option is set 

Changing Maps[edit]

Option 1[edit]

  1. Go to your Game Control Panel
  2. Stop your server
  3. Click on the Configuration Files icon
    This will open with a list of editable tiles
  4. Click on the Text Edit link next to the 'commands.dat file
  5. Locate the 'Map line
  6. Replace the current map with the map name of your choice
    You can find the list of available maps in the Maps folder on your server
  7. Save the file
  8. Start your server

Option 2[edit]

  1. Go to your Game Control Panel
  2. Stop your server
  3. Click on the Configuration Files icon
    This will open with a list of editable tiles
  4. Click on the Configuration Editor link next to the 'commands.dat file
  5. Click on the 'Map dropdown list
    NOTE: Using this option you will only see the default map list
    If you have added any custom maps you will need to use Option 1
  6. Save the file
  7. Start your server
  • Wait for it to finish loading and connect


Become Admin[edit]

Vanilla Server[edit]

How to make yourself an admin:

  1. Log into your game control panel.
  2. Stop your server
  3. Click on "Configuration Files".
  4. To the right of Command.dat, click "Text Editor".
  5. Enter owner<GUID>, put your Steam64 ID. If you're unsure of your Steam64 ID you can find it here: steamid.io/lookup
    owner STEAMID64 e.g. 765611980XXXXXXXX
    admin STEAMID64 e.g. 765611980XXXXXXXX
    it should look like:
    Map Hawaii
    Perspective Both
    cheats enabled
    owner 765611980XXXXXXXX
    admin 7656334455XXXXXXX
  6. Enable Cheats
  7. Save the file.
  8. Start your server

With RocketMod Installed[edit]

If you have installed RocketMod, you can complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your game control panel.
  2. Locate the Permissions.config.xml using the File Manager. By default: \servers\default\server\
  3. To edit the file, click pencil' icon to edit it
  4. You will need to add a section like this (Please keep in mind that you will not need all of the listed permissions):
    to add a new group you will need to add it right after the last </Group> tag and just before the </Groups> tag, inside the </RocketPermissions> tag.
    . Truncated for brevity. Refer to the RocketMod documentation for the full list
  5. On the line that contains <Member>, replace this SteamId with your own.
  6. Save the file.


Enable Cheats[edit]

  • Please Note: To use cheats, you must first be admin. Become Admin

To use cheats and commands in Unturned, you first need to enable the console window where you will enter your cheats and activate.
To open the console window, press the tilde “~” key. You can now enter cheats in the console window and press Enter key to activate the cheats.

  1. Edit the commands.dat file under the Configuration Files use the Text Editor option
  2. Locate the line with the keyword Cheats. (If it is not there you can add it in on a new line)
  3. Change this to Cheats Enabled
  4. Save changes
  5. Restart your server



Auto save[edit]

  1. Stop the server.
  2. Install Rocket Mod.
  3. To enable auto save, add the following line to servers\default\Rocket\Rocket.Unturned.config.xml, if it is not there already.
    (Use the File Manager to navigate through the server directory structure to locate the above file)
    <AutomaticSave Enabled="true" Interval="1800" />
    Here the auto save interval is set in seconds.
  4. Start the server.

Console Access[edit]

  1. Stop the server.
  2. Install Rocket Mod.
  3. Edit servers\default\RocketRocket.config.xml file and enable RCON and set a Password
    <RCON Enabled="false" Port="27115" Password="changeme"..... more text on this line...DO NOT DELETE IT
    You can find your RCON Port info in the Service Information tab
  4. Start the server.
  5. Download a telnet program like Putty from here
  6. Open Putty on your computer and connect using your server IP and port. Use the Telnet protocol.
    You will not see any return from the game when you connect other that RocketRcon c2.4.8.0
  7. Type in login <password from Step 3> and press Enter
    Again you will not see any feed back
    You can then use the other Admin console commands
  8. To exit type in quit and press enter. You will receive a 'Disconnected message from Putty.


Adding Workshop Mods[edit]

  1. Once you have Subscribed to the mod(s) you want and they have been downloaded to your local PC
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\304930 (Note: this depends on how you have your local Steam app setup)
  2. Connect to your server using your favorite FTP application, navigate down to your server directory
    Our default location is: \servers\default
    You should see a Workshop folder.
    Under the Workshop you will see two additional folders: “Content” and “Maps”
    Your folder structure should look something like this:
  3. On your local PC, locate the 304930 (Unturned) folder: Steam >steamapps >Workshop >Content >304930
    Within that folder, there should be folders that have numbers as their names.
    Copy these folders into either the Maps or Content folder on your Unturned server depending on the type of Mod
  4. Make any configuration changes that the mod requires
  5. Restart your server