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Things to Remember


Several games use the Steam64ID to identify, users, moderators, admins, etc.

To find your steamID64:

  • Log into your Steam account in your browser.
  • Click on the 'View Profile' link from the menu options at the top right of the screen
  • In the browser address bar you will see your Steam Profile information. P
  • The value after the word profiles is your SteamID64 - 7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX3

Or you can go to:

  • Copy the URL from the browser address bar and
    Your Steam URL looks something like this: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/........../
  • Go to [https://steamid.io/]
    • Copy and paste this into the 'input' box and click on the Lookup button
    • This will give you back a SteamID64 that will look something like this:7XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX3 (last digits removed for security)


Some games like Counter Strike:Global Offensive, that use Metamod and Sourcemod, use your SteamID not your SteamID64 To find your steamID

  • Go to [https://steamid.io/]
  • Enter in your Steam profile URL.
    • Your Steam URL looks something like this: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/........../
    • Copy and paste this into the 'input' box and click on the Lookup button
    • This will give you back a SteamID that will look something like this: STEAM_0:1:173XXXXXX (last digits removed for security)

I Can't See My Server

When trying to locate your game server either in-game or using the Steam Servers list, here are a few things to remember:

  • Some games use the server IP address and Connection Port to look up
  • Others use the IP address and the Query Port for look up
  • If you have made any mods or changes to your server, more often than not it will be under the "Unofficial' servers or 'Modded' Servers lists
  • If you have added your server to your Steam Favorites List, it should appear under the in game 'Favorites' servers list.
    Your server is not in your Favorites list? Well, How Do I Add My Server To My Steam Favorites?
  • Also, if you have recently restarted your server, some servers can take as long as 5 minutes to show up in any list

To locate your IP address, and Port(s) info look under the Service Information tab in your Game Control panel.

  • Another thing to look for, make sure the Status is Running and the Pid number next to is is not 0


UDP / TCP Ports

  • Remember if you have your PC and network security tightened down you may need to make exceptions to allow connections to your server on both the Game/Connection Port, the Query port and
    if you need to FTP anything to your server the FTP port too. Typically this is not necessary
  • The Game/Connection Port and Query Port numbers are included in your Meet Your New Server email.
    They can also be found on your Game Services tab in your Game Control Panel account (seen below).
    Connection/Game Port number is the number after the ":" in the Connection Info line
    Query Port number is the number after the ":" in the Query Info line..


Game Updates, Mod Installation and Mod Updates

Games Updates

If a game gets updated by the Developers, and you have not run the Steam Update on your server:

  • You may get an error message saying you cannot connect or your version is out of date.
  • You may not see your server in the in-game browser list.
    Some games are a little more tolerant about version differences between local and server versions, others not. For example ARK

To update your server (This is for Steam Games ONLY)

  1. From your game control panel, Service Information tab, click on the Steam Update icon.
  2. Confirm you want to do the Steam Update
  3. This will open console window and start the update process
    DO NOT CLOSE this window until The process as completed


Mod Installation

  • Not all mods are supported for mod stacking (multiple mods).
  • Mods may also be outdated upon release of new game updates which have caused major issues for server owners in the past (data loss, crashing).
  • Some mods make changes to the same files. For exmaple: in 7 Days to Die, a lot of the HUD mods make changes to the \Data\Config\GUi\windows.xml file.
    So if you try to install multiple HUD mods it will not work. The last one installed will simply overwrite the existing copy.
    Well, you may get it to work, if you know XML and want to spend time comparing the two files and making the appropriate changes to a single 'master' windows.xml file.
    However, this may cause more errors or undesirable effects.
  • NOTE: technical support related to mods will be rather limited. The moment mods are installed, we are not held liable for any issues which may be related to the mod install - including data loss, service instability, and so forth. You are given every tool necessary to add and maintain mods.


Mod Updates


If a game gets updated by the Developers, any mods you may have installed on your server MAY or MAY NOT work with the new update.
Especially if there are major changes in the game.



We try to stay update date on the MODS that we provide in the Game Control Panel, but it is not always possible.
If you find one that we may have missed updating, please let us know.

Config File Changes

Before making any changes to your server config file(s), you should:

  1. STOP your server
  2. MAKE your changes
  3. SAVE your changes
  4. START your server back up.


File Manager

The File Manager is designed to allow you to manage files and folders on your SERVER ONLY. You CANNOT manager files and folders on your PC.
The File Manager allows you to:

  • From the the top Menu:
    Upload a file (max 3 at one time) or folder to yoru server
    Create a New folder
    Create a New file
    Create a Create zip file based on a selected file or folder. Note: there is a size limit
    Allows you to Delete a file or folder
  • From the Actions Options:
    Edit the selected file
    Rename the selected file(s)
    Download the selected file(s)
    Favorite the selected file
  • When using the File Manager please note:
    • Restricted file types, such as .exe, .dll, .bat ( more details here ) and a few others are NOT VISIBLE to users.
  • If you try to upload restricted files to your server using either an FTP client or the File Manager, you will get an error.
    The same if you upload a .zip file and try to extract it.
  • If you have used the Mod Manager to install mods/plugins and things are not working, then used the File Manager to go searching for the files,
    REMEMBER: Restricted files are NOT VISIBLE to users.
What You See What We See



  • If you have a question about files being there, you can open a Support ticket and we can look into this.


FTP To My Game Server

The first thing you'll need is an FTP Client, both of the following are free;

Using a FTP Client like FileZilla

Getting Connected

  1. Using the information from your Game Control Panel, take note of the IP Address AND Port info. on the FTP line.
  2. Launch Filezilla
  3. Navigate to File -> Site Manager
    FileZ FSM.png
  4. Click New Site in the popup dialogue and enter details as follows:
    Host: IP Address portion from the FTP line
    Port: Port Number portion from the FTP line
    Encryption: Only use plain FTP (insecure)
    Logon Type: Normal
    User: The FTP username is the same as the username for the game server control panel.
    Password: The FTP password is the same as the password for the game server control panel.
  5. Click the Transfer Settings tab -> Limit the number of simultaneous connections - Set this to 1.
  6. Hit okay & connect. If all goes well you should now be able to navigate your servers folders.

Uploading Files

  1. Once you have connected to your server
    1. In the Local site panel, locate the folder/files you want to transfer
    2. In the Remote site panel, locate the folder where you will be sending the folder/files, and Click on it
      If you need to create a new folder now is the time to do so.
      You can Right mouse click on the current folder and select Create directory or Create directory and enter it
  2. In the Local site panel, highlight all the folders/files you want to transfer.
    1. Then either drag them from the Local site to the Remote site destination folder
    2. Or Right mouse click and select the Upload option

      Certain file types ARE restricted for security reasons (see below).  You will get an error message when trying to transfer these prohibited file types

For more information on using FileZilla, please refer to the official FileZilla Documentation


Restricted Files

We do restrict user uploading of certain file types such as *.exe;*.dll;*.so;*.bat;*.sh;*.cmd;*.vbs;*.pif;*.scr;*.com, and a few others for security reasons.
If you need a specific .dll or other restricted file uploaded that one of your mods require, please send us a link to either a file share location where we can get to the files you want uploaded or
to the original source location of the file(s). We will download them, scan them and then upload them to your server into a folder you specify.


How To Read Log Files

  • This varies by game