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==Account Information==
==Account Information==
| rowspan="5"|[[image:Account_info.png|300px]]  
| rowspan="5"|[[image:New-Account-info.png|800px]]  
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'''TWO-STEP Verification''' (also known as two-factor authentication)<br>
'''TWO-STEP Verification''' (also known as two-factor authentication)<br>

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Main Page

How to use cpanel.trugaming.com

Game Control Panel Tutorial

Game Control Panel Navigation

Login Screen


The Control Panel Login screen requires three items of information for you to log in.

Username / Password - Emailed to you when your account was created. Usernames CANNOT be changed.
Code - This 6 alphanumeric CAPTCHA field is not case sensitive, but IS required.

If you have forgotten your password. Click on the [ Forgot your password? ] link. Reset information will be emailed to the email address on file.


Account Information


My Profile - This sections contains the very basic information that was provided by you when you ordered your server and we set up your account.
Feel free to add any additional information you want.
IMPORTANT: If you change your email address, please remember to change it here so that you will continue to receive any updates, alerts or other system messages regarding your account and/or servers.
Additionally, if you forget your password, it is used to send you the password recovery/reset information.

Account Security - Used for changing your current account password. This will NOT change any passwords you have setup in your game config files.
This is ONLY for access to the Control Panel and FTP access.
You can also set up Two-Step Verification for your account (see below for more info)
Email Notifications - This is a copy of emails that has been sent from the Game Control Panel to the email address on file.


TWO-STEP Verification (also known as two-factor authentication)
Allows you add an extra layer of security to your account. You sign in with something you know (your password) and something you have (a code sent to your phone).

Install Google Authenticator on your smartphone. You may use other OTP software or hardware.
Log in to TCAdmin.
Select "Account Security" from the menu options.
Select the "Two-Step Verification" tab.
Check "Enable two-step verification"
If you want to enable two-step for FTP access check "Enable two-step verification for FTP connections". If you enable this option configure your FTP client to send the password in the following format: YourPassword#GeneratedToken
Type the verification key in Google Authenticator or other software/hardware. If your software has scanning capabilities you can scan the QR-code.
Generate a token and type it in the "Generated Token" field.
Click on Save.


User Management

User mgt.png

Sub Users - Used to Add, Change or Delete new Sub Users to your account.
You can assign them specific permissions for specific games/voice services that you have associated with your account.

By selecting New from the options you will go to the same options as you would by selecting Create a Sub User.
Subuser 5.png

Create a Sub User - Used to create New Sub Users under your User Account.
If you create Sub Users, they are bound by the same terms and conditions you agreed to when you signed up for your server.
You are responsible for any actions they take or changes they make on the server.
More information on creating/managing Sub Users see this page: Sub User Management


Game & Voice Server Management

Game voice.png

Game Services - Manage Your game server(s).
Game srv.png
By clicking on the IP Address/Port Number hyperlink, you will be take to that individual game server's management page.
More information on managing your game server see this page: Game Server Management

Voice Services - Manage your voice servers.




Support Tickets - Choose this option to Manage (Reply/Update or Close existing support tickets that have been opened.
Support tickets1.png
More information on managing your Active Tickets follow this link: Support Tickets

Open a New Ticket - Select this option to open a new Support Ticket.
More information on Opening a New Ticket follow this link: New Support Ticket