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Wiping Your Server[edit]

To wipe your server, the process is very simple.

  1. Stop.png your server
  2. Using the File Manager, navigate to the ConanSandbox\Saved folder
  3. Delete or rename the game.db file.
  4. Start.png your server

This will recreate the game.db file. You can verify this through the File Manager, check that the game.db file is there and the date/time stamp is recent.

Adding Mods[edit]

Installing mods on a dedicated server
Client side
To join a server with mods, you must first have the same mods the server is running, with the same load order. When joining a server, you will get a message box telling you which mods you are missing.
You cannot connect to the server unless you have those mods installed and activated.
Server side
To start a server with mods you put the mod files (<mod name>.pak) in "ConanSandbox/Mods/" and add a text file with the file names of those .pak files, one per line like this:

Instead of creating modlist.txt manually you can also select the mods you want in your game client, then copy the file from "<game folder>/ConanSandbox/Mods/modlist.txt" to
"ConanSandbox/Mods/modlist.txt". When clients try to connect to the server, the game will first check to make sure the clients have the same mods as the server selected.
If they don't they won't be able to connect.

Server Admin[edit]