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We have taken ECO off the product list temporarily as we work on fixing issues with the latest updates

Server Updates[edit]

This is still a very manual process and will require our intervention to ensure the latest file is posted. If you find your server is out of date, please drop us a Support ticket and we will work on it ASAP

Editing Config Files[edit]

                                        ***** NOTE *****

      If you make changes to any of the config files. BE VERY CAREFUL about your SPACING/INDENTATION.
      ECO uses .json type files and if the spacing/indentation is incorrect it will stop your server from running.

      DO NOT USE THE TAB OPTION TO INDENT if you are using a text editor to change a config file

                                        ***** NOTE *****
  "Admins": {
    "$id": "4",
    "System.String": {
      "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
      "$values": ["12345678901234567"]


  "Admins": {
    "$id": "4",
    "System.String": {
      "$type": "System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[System.String, mscorlib]], mscorlib",
      "$values": [


  1. Stop your server
  2. Click on configuration files
  3. Click text editor next to
  4. Locate the “Admins”: { section
  5. Enter the appropriate ID in quotes as shown below.
    Default line: "$values": []
    “$values”: [“STEAMID64”,“SLG ID”] (See below)
    * Make sure you do not delete any of the "[" or "]" characters. If you do your server may not start
  6. Save your file
  7. Start your server

  • STEAMID64 - Steam only account (Purchased game on Steam)
  • SLG ID - Strange Loop Games only account (Purchased game on Strange Loop Games website)

If you edit the file to add admins, blacklist, and whitelist players, you MUST USE IDs. Some references say character names.
In-game, you can use the player's name when running admin chat commands.

  • NOTE: TO make admin commands/changes persistent between server restarts
    change the setting in the server config file as they are not saved to the config file when using the in-game admin commands.