Empyrion: Galactic Survival

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Server Management[edit]

Server Config File[edit]

The default server config file is dedicated.yaml.

If you edit this file do not use the Tab key to align your text.
Alignment and spacing is critical in this file. If you are off by one character/space, the server will not start.
In fact the the 2nd line of the file says: The parameters in this config file are space sensitive.

Admin Controls[edit]

The admin configuration file can be found in the /Saves directory. By default it is called adminconfig.example.yaml
In order for it to be used by the game, it needs to be called: adminconfig.yaml

If your adminconfig.yaml file does not exist:

  • you need to rename the adminconfig.example.yaml file to adminconfig.yaml or,
  • open a copy of the adminconfig.example.yaml, locally. Then from the Configuration Editor open the adminconfig.yaml file using the Text Editor and copy and past in the contents, or
  • you can also populate the contents by using a Telnet session to your server and using the setrole command. More on this later.

If manually editing this file you will need the following:
Id is a SteamID64, lookup possible at https://steamid.io/

  • Elevated - 3 for 'GameMaster', 6 for 'Moderator' and 9 for 'Admin' - other values are not allowed.
  • Banned

Other parameters
Name - this is usually added to the file when a user is made 'Admin' from the Telnet/Game console
Until - is the time when the ban ends.

Example File :

- Id: 00000000000000000 # put the correct SteamID64 here
  Permission: 3         # make this user a GameMaster, for example
- Id: 11111111111111111
  Permission: 9         # make this user a Admin, for example

REMENBER: The parameters in this config file are space sensitive.

Server Customizations[edit]

Uploading your Local files to the server[edit]

Credit: MartinZ for helping figure this out.

  1. Stop your server
  2. Using your favorite FTP client copy your Saves\<saved game> folder in its entirety to the \Saves\Games folder on your server
    Example Local PC: NewGame_1-180221-0936 -> \Saves\Games\NewGame_1-180221-0936
  3. Edit the dedicated.yaml file under the Configuration Files link
  • Make sure the following match your local PC instance
    GameName: matches the name of the folder you just uploaded to the \Saves\Games folder
  1. Save your dedicated.yaml file
  2. Start your server back up

Customizing Solar Systems[edit]

There is a good resource here, Custom Solar Systems on how to customize your Solar System.