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In-Game Console[edit]

If you are looking for access to the in-game console, then you need to go to:

  • Options -> Advanced -> Enable developer console.
  • After this the console should be enabled in-game by pressing the "~" key

Add Counter Strike: Source[edit]

Local Install[edit]

  1. Once you have both Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike: Source, run Counter-Strike: Source once, and quit
  2. Open up Garry's Mod, and in the bottom right corner, click the icon that has a controller on it, then select the box that says Counter-Strike: Source.
  3. You should now have textures and models that are in Counter Strike Source.

Server Install[edit]

On your local PC

  1. Once you have both Garry's Mod and Counter-Strike: Source, run Counter-Strike: Source once, and quit
  2. Open up File Explorer and navigate to your Counter-Strike Source\cstrike folder. You should see several .vpk files
  3. Create a temporary folder on your local machine call it css-content
    1. Copy all the .vpk files from your Counter-Strike Source\cstrike folder to the css-content folder.
    2. Copy the Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\maps folder to the css-content folder.
  4. Locate the Vpk.exe application in your garrysmod\bin folder.
  5. Next, drag the cstrike_pak_dir.vpk file over to your Vpk.exe application. This will spawn a new window and extract the contents of the cstrike_pak_dir.vpk file, creating a new
    folder called cstrike_pak_dir
  6. Navigate into the cstrike_pak_dir folder and copy the Folders ONLY, NO .cfg or .db files, back up to the root of the css-content folder.
  7. You can then delete the cstrike_pak_dir as well as all the .vpk files

Copy to your server

  1. Connect to your server using your favorite FTP client
    1. Copy the maps folder form your css-content folder to the garrysmod\maps folder on your server
    2. Copy the css-content folder to the garrysmod\addons folder on your server
  2. restart your server



Installing ULX[edit]

  1. Go to and download the latest versions of ULib and ULX:
    ULib 2.63 (.zip)
    ULX 3.73 (.zip) (Requires ULib v2.63+)
  2. Extract the .zip files to a folder to somewhere on your computer.
  3. Connect to your server's FTP service using your favorite FTP client, like FileZilla.
  4. Drill down to your server's "addons" folder.
  5. Using FileZilla, Drag and drop the 'ulx' and 'ulib' folders into the addons folder.

How to use ULX[edit]

  1. Log into your Garry's Mod server.
  2. From the control panel, open the web console.
  3. Type the following:
    ulx adduser <putyournamehere> superadmin
    Example: ulx adduser JSmith superadmin
  • Note: Type ulx help in your game console (default ~ key if enabled in settings)



Non Workshop mods[edit]

  1. Stop your server
  2. Using your favorite FTP client connect to your server
  3. Navigate to your garrysmod/addons folder
  4. Upload your Mod folder into the /addons folder
  5. Start your server back up
    • REMEMBER you will need to have the mods on your local PC too.

Workshop Mods[edit]

  1. Stop your server
  2. Click on the Commandline Manager
  3. Clien on the Custom Commandline tab
  4. Select New to create a new Custom Commandline
  5. Fill in the information, making sure you check the appropriate Select boxes on the left hand side to include them in the new command line
  6. Save the new Custom Commandline
  7. Start your server back up

Trouble In Terror Town (TTT)[edit]

  1. Stop your server
  2. Go to the Commandline Manager and select the Custom Commandline option.
    1. Create a new command line by clicking on the New link from the menu bar
      * Enter in your new command line description
      * Enter terrortown in the Game Mode dialogue box
      * If you have uploaded a TTT map, make sure it is in your Maps folder ( \garrysmod\maps\ ), click on the dropdown box and select your Startup map
    2. Make sure you have checked the Select boxes for Server Config, Game Mode and Startup Map at a minimum.
    3. Save the command line and then click on the Select link on the right hand side of the new Custom Commandline.
      This will change it to Selected, making it your active commandline for server startup
  3. Start your server and wait a few minutes for it to start up before connecting.


Pointshop requires 3 files. The pointshop itself:
and these two files to make yourself admin :
Install: Extract each zip and install to "addons" folder
in game use ulx adduser "ingame name" superuser
this gives a admin tab to the pointshop to set up the shop in game



Adding maps for PropHunt[edit]

  • All map files must start with "ph" so ph_newoffice.bsp
  • Maps are .bsp files and installed into the Maps folder ( \garrysmod\maps\ ), using the File Manager or your favorite FTP client
  • To set the server to run as a PropHunt server, it needs the custom command line with the Game Mode set to prop_hunt
    Don't forget to set the appropriate Starting Map as well
  • Lastly: For a custom load screen. This can be achieved by adding sv_loadingurl "website" to the config files as text edit
  • it needs to be a you need to know how to make a website or know someone who does


Extracting .gma files for your server[edit]

Using Garry's Mod Addon Creator:

  • Create New folder
  • Copy \steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod/bin.gmd.exe to the new folder
  • copy the .gma mod files from your \steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod/addons folder to the New folder
  • Option 1: Launch your file explorer and navigate to the folder you just created
    • Once there drag the .gma file you wish to extract onto the GMAD.exe file. This will extract the mod files for you in to a directory of the same name
  • Option 2: Open a commandline window and navigate to the folder you just created
    • launch the GMAD tool: gmad.exe
      This will give you a list of options to use depending what you want to do:
Garry's Mod Addon Creator 1.1


        Drag'n'drop a .gma onto the gmad.exe to extract it
        Drag'n'drop a folder onto the gmad.exe to convert it to a .gma

        gmad.exe create -folder path/to/folder -out path/to/gma.gma
        gmad.exe create -folder path/to/folder
        gmad.exe extract -file path/to/gma.gma -out path/to/folder
        gmad.exe extract -file path/to/gma.gma

        Add -warninvalid to automatically skip invalid files

Press any key to continue . . .
  • Example gmad.exe extract -file [wos]_animation_extension_-_base_757604550.gma
    Will give you the same results as above
  • Stop your server
  • Upload your folder with the extracted addon to your server's addons folder (/garrysmod/addons) using your favorite FTP client
    • In the case of the above example:
      You copy the [wos]_animation_extension_-_base_757604550 folder from your local PC
      To /garrysmod/addons, resulting in the following folders being created:

NOTE: If you mod needs any additional configuration you need to do it NOW!!

  • Start your server