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Intro Emails

You will have received two emails from us:

Your control panel login

This email contains the information that you will need to use to log into the Game Control Panel
Note: This username and password are not the same as us used to register on our website when your ordered your server.

Welcome <Your Name Here>,

Please, find the details of your control panel account below.
User: <username>
Password: <password>

Need help getting started? Please click on the link below.
Server Setup Tutorial <- Link to our YouTube Video

Best regards,

New game server for <Your Name Here>

Hello <Your Name Here>,

Your <Game Name> server has been created. Here is your game server's information:
IP: <Server IP Address>
Port: <Game Connection Port Number>
Query Port: <Game Query Port Number>  (If applicable)
Slots: <number of slots ordered>
Rcon PW: <Password provided when you ordered>

Please, find the details of your control panel account below.
User: <username>  '''Not your full name''' 
Password: <password>

FTP login: <username>
FTP Password: <password>
*please note that your FTP login is the same as your TCAdmin login. So if your 
 TCAdmin password is ever changed, the FTP password will be changed as well.

Also, don't forget to check out our Wiki site for additional information.

Next Steps

  1. Connect to your Game Control Panel account
  2. Browse through the options to familiarize your self with the Game Control Panel.
    If you get lost, you can refer to the YouTube video or look at the cPanel Support page on this Wiki for more help.
  3. The next steps depend on how you wish to proceed, but it is ALWAYS suggested that you connect to your server first before you add any mods to it
    That way you can confirm it is up and running and if not you can open a Support Ticket and we will assist you.