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Server Management[edit]

Source: Killing_Floor_2 Dedicated Server Official Wiki

Adding Workshop Maps[edit]

NOTE:  This is still in an experimental stage..

The way the server support downloads Workshop maps, it requires that you be logged into the server using your personal Steam Account.
This is not possible for a GSP (Game Server Provider) like ourselves.

  • Most of the steps are from the TripWire Wiki page.
  1. Subscribe to the workshop maps you want
  2. Make a copy of the ..../steamapps/workshop/content/232090 folder on your local PC
    Kf2 1.png
  3. Create a set of matching folders using the Map Name(s)
    Example: 643383080 -> BikiniAtoll
    From the 643383080, locate and copy the .kfm file to the new folder. If there are other files in this folder, copy them as well.
    Some workshop folders require to you to drill down past the BrewedPC folder to find the .kfm file, other not.
  4. Once complete, using your favorite FTP client copy these new folder to your servers \KFGame\BrewedPC\Maps\ folder
    Example: Once complete, on your server in the \KFGame\BrewedPC\Maps\BikiniAtoll folder you will see the KF-BikiniAtoll.kfm file.
    Kf2 2.png
  5. Stop your server
  6. Click on the Configuration Files Icon to edit your configuration files.
    Kf2 3.png
    1. Click on the Text Editor link for the KFGame\Config\PCServer-KFEngine.ini file
      1. Locate the line DownloadManagers=IpDrv.HTTPDownload
      2. Immediately above that add the following line: DownloadManagers=OnlineSubsystemSteamworks.SteamWorkshopDownload
      3. Next go all the way to the bottom of the file and add the following:
        ServerSubscribedWorkshopItems=<Steam Workshop ID>
        Example: To add the for the BikiniAtoll map
        (Add additional workshop maps as desired, using the same format)
      4. Save the configuration file
    2. Click on the Text Editor link for the KFGame\Config\PCServer-KFGame.ini file NOT the Configuration Editor
      1. Scroll down until you find something like (Towards the bottom )
        [KF-Prison KFMapSummary]
      2. Copy the first two lines
        [KF-Prison KFMapSummary]
      3. Paste the copy of the lines and change them to match the map you are adding. You will need to repeat this for every map
        Example: [KF-BikiniAtoll KFMapSummary]
        (Repeat this for each map you add, using the appropriate information)
      4. Next locate the line:
        GameMapCycles=(Maps=("")) , line in your config file, and add in the new maps
        Example: GameMapCycles=(Maps=(""KF-BikiniAtoll",KF-DieSector","KF-Farmhouse","KF-Airship"))
      5. Save you config file
  7. Start your server
  • Step #4 can be ignored is you have already configured your server to use the WebAdmin interface. This is much easier to change the map cycles.