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Department: - The available choices are:

  • Billing Issues - For issues related to your account subscription/billing
  • Customer Service - General customer requests/issues
  • Default - Anything not covered by one of the other categories
  • Network Issues - For issues related to connectivity to your server
  • Service Issues - For issues related to a particular Game/Voice service ||

Priority: - The available choices are:

  • Low
  • Normal
  • High

Related Service: - The default is None, but if you click in this field it will provide you with a list of the Game/Voice services associated with your account.
If you have more than one Game/Voice service with us, it is important you select the appropriate service to that we know which service the message relates to.
Subject: - Subject line of issue/question
Message: - Your message to us.
Attachment: - Click on the Browse button and locate the file you wish to attach to this message.

  • There is a single file attachment limit
  • Allowed extensions: *.txt;*.cfg;*.log;*.jpg;*.png;*.bmp;*.rpt Upload limit: 5.00 MB