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Things to remember[edit]

  • **NOTE** Your server starts with NO WORLD on it. (see #Uploading a World for more on this).
  • You have to get into a cryopod before you get off or else you have to spawn all over again. Thanks to [Dan] for the reminder and for assisting with the SE wiki documentation

Before making any changes to your SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg config file, you should:

  1. STOP your server
  2. MAKE your changes
  3. SAVE your changes
  4. START your server back up.

Uploading a World[edit]

To upload a private world:

  1. Go to your %APPDATA% folder
  2. Select the SpaceEngineers Folder
  3. Select the Saves Folder
  4. The next folder varies on your steam profile. For example: 76561198032572802
  5. Select the folder of the world you want to use.
  6. Upload to the Saves Folder on your Server

To change to the new world, there are two options.

  1. Via a Configure Editor
  2. Via a Text Editor of the Config File.

Changing a World via Config:

  1. Copy the name of the folder you just uploaded
  2. Paste it where it says World Name.

Changing a World via Text:

  1. Open your config
  2. Look for <LoadWorld>WORLDNAMEHERE</LoadWorld>
  3. Paste the name of the world between the tags

Adding MODS[edit]

Client Side[edit]

Most mods are deployed through the Steam Workshop. By subscribing to a mod, your client will automatically have it available to use when hosting a game, and updates will automatically be downloaded.
If you are connecting to a server that has mods, there is no need to subscribe to them before connecting, as they will be downloaded as part of your connection process (it does however speed things up if you have already subscribed).

Server Side[edit]

  1. Get the Mod ID from the Steam Workshop for the particular mod you want to use. The Mod ID is part of the Steam Workshop URL.
  2. You will then need to edit your SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file.
  3. Locate the <Mods> </Mods> section and enter the Mod ID, using the following format:
    • <unsignedLong>Mod ID</unsignedLong>
    • For Example: <unsignedLong>531659576</unsignedLong>

Adding Admins[edit]

To add yourself or another player as an in-game admin, you need teh admin's SteamID66 (AKA Steam ID)

  1. To obtain this, you can use this site. (
  2. Paste your url (I.E. into the input field.
  3. You then want the SteamID64 Number
  4. Edit your SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file using the Text Editor, look for the tags <Administrators> </Administrators>
  5. Paste your SteamID64 between the <unsignedLong> </unsignedLong> tags
Example Admins: