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When creating a Sub User, there are 4 Tabs that need/should be filled out

Subuser 1.png

User information
User Name - This is a unique user name that your Sub User will use to log into the Game Control Panel.
Password - Set your Sub Users initial password. They can change it at a later date.
Status - the options here are "Active" and "Suspended".

Subuser 2.png

The choices here are obvious, but it is strongly suggested you complete the First Name, Last Name and Primary Email fields.
Without the last one, 'Primary Email', your Sub USer will not be able to change their password or do a password recovery if the have forgotten their password.

Subuser 3.png

Game/Voice Service Permissions
You can select Service Permissions for each Sub User and each Game/Voice Service you have on your account.

Firstly select the Service you wish to assign the Sub User permissions to, then in the User Access column, click on the appropriate box(es) and a check mark will appear.
The reverse for removing permissions from a Sub User.

Subuser 4.png

Support Permissions
The two check boxes in this tab:
View support tickets - will if checked will allow any of your Sub Users to view any Support Tickets you have created using the 'Support' menu.
Create/update support tickets - will if checked will allow any of your Sub Users to Create a new Support Ticket for any of the Game/Voice services
they have persmissions to, or Update any Support Tickets that either You (the account owner) or any Sub User under your account have created.